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I’m sitting on the train and the goddamn animal standing in front of me doesn’t have a lid on his coffee cup. i didn’t know this was the jungle. no one told me i was going to be on an episode of fear factor. if he spills it on me i’m going to roll my eyes back into my skull and do at least 3 mortal kombat fatalities on him


woah calm down im just trying to date your dad



date a boy with nice cheek bones

date a boy who has a good taste in clothes

date a boy with a great laugh

date a boy who’s hoodie you can borrow

date a boy with fantastic collarbones

date a boy who smiles constantly

date a boy with arms like damn



boys…i have a hint 4 u: black skinny jeans

"Cigarettes look so harmless but then again so did you"
-10 word story (via selectables)